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Reach new customers online with digital search ads. If you've found success with the basic package and want to increase your reach or have more room in your budget for promoting your brand, the Plus Package is right for you.

With the Plus Package, you can expect your website to be promoted 5,000 times per month on relevant Google searches in your area! *This ad has a duration of 30 days

Ads make it easy to reach customers searching for services that your business offers with the goal of getting more calls to your business and driving more people directly to your website. In order to get the best results, we compose specific highlights about your business. You can choose the industries that you service (marine, automotive, residential, industrial, etc), the cities that you work in and the nearby areas you would like to target. Your search ad will appear whenever people search for services like yours! Ad searches improve over time resulting in better search results so setting up a monthly subscription is a great way to get more customers. 

*This will not ensure that your search ad reaches the top spot on the Google search. The top spot is dependent on a combination of the bidding system and the website landing page experience that Google determines. Keep in mind the impact of your ad position increases the longer you are using the search ad services.  

If you have any questions about the specifics of the ad package and how it can affect your business, contact our Marketing Services department at 713-322-9742 or visit

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