3/4 Whip Line (Electric) 25Ft Blast Hoses

3/4" Whip Line (Electric), 25ft

PART NO. 134858/001
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10% off discount eligible for all nozzles, fill caps and funnels, blast, air, or pinch hoses, whip lines, and the Dry Blast Wear Parts Package for all machines (Product: WEARPARTSPACKAGE). Sale ends December 31 at 11:59 PM.

Please note this is the ELECTRIC model. 

25' Whip Line (Electric), 3/4" ID

Alfagomma blast hose with nozzle holder, lug coupling, and electric line.

You will need to move your red head to this line.

Works with DB500, DB800, DB1500, and DB3000. 

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