Nova 3® Radex Airline Filter 04-900 (134863/001)

Nova 3® Radex Airline Filter 04-900 (134863/001)

PART NO. 134863/001

Radex Airline Filter for the RPB Nova 3®.

The filter cartridge should be inspected weekly or more often depending on usage and the conditions of the air system in which the Radex® Airline Filter is in stalled. The filter cartridge should be replaced after a period of 3 months based on a 40 hour week and typical usage. If the Pressure gauge on the Super High Flow Regulator and the Pressure Gauge on the Manifold are reading more than 10psi apart, your cartridge is blocked and needs replacing.

The filter cartridge must be replaced immediately if the following exist:

1. The presence of odor and or tastes in the air being supplied to the respirator.

2. Presence of moisture at the outlet fittings.

3. Large pressure drop of 10psi or more across the filter.

Need to replace your filter? You can purchase replacement cartridges here!

Not liable for misuse. Regular tests of compressor air are recommended to be carried out to make sure it meets requirements for grade d breathable air. For personal safety, we recommend purchasing an RPB® GX4™ Gas Monitor.

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