RPB® Nova 3® Blasting Helmet Kit


The world’s best blast respirator is here. 

Advance your safety and increase your productivity with the revolutionary RPB® Nova 3® system.

Insanely comfortable. 

The molded inner padding design fits closely to the head, and can be adjusted for a custom fit It creates a complete barrier to dust, abrasives, and particulates to keep you clean and dry. 

Stay cool – or warm. 

With the included climate control device, you can direct cool or warm air into the helmet to always stay comfortable, no matter the weather. 

Unbeatable ear protection.

Enjoy the sound of silence — or maybe pop in your earbuds and listen to your favorite music while you work. 
  • RPB Nova 3 Blast Respirator system
    • Climate Control Device (Cool & Heat) (03-501C40)
    • Nylon blast cape (NV3-750)
    • 3ft Breathing Supply Tube
  • RPB Radex Airline Filter (Complete)
  • 50ft Breathing Air Supply Hose 3/8in Diameter
  • Nova 3 Tear-off Lens (50pk)
  • Nova 3 Outer Lens (50pk)
  • 5ft of hose with couplings
    • This will connect the Radex filter to the air compressor on your mobile  Dustless Blasting machine.  

Instruction Manual

Not liable for misuse. Regular tests of compressor air are recommended to be carried out to make sure it meets requirements for grade d breathable air. For personal safety, we recommend purchasing an RPB® GX4™ Gas Monitor.








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